Sofia is 3

IMG_1452.JPGMy little firecracker Sofia turned 3 today. Today when I woke up and I looked beside me, at my now three year old daughter, I was in complete disbelief. You know those moments where you’re just so surprised at how much life can change, that’s what I felt. I also felt this immense gratitude in my heart. My daughter is happy, healthy , and loved. That means more to me than anything ever could.

After I sang Happy Birthday about 174992 times to Sofia and got her ready, we headed to church. I started this tradition last year with her. Every birthday we’ll visit church to give thanks to God for all the blessings in our life. As we kneeled before God, I explained to Sofia that we were there to give thanks to God. I was praying beside Sofia and it filled my heart to hear her say thank you Diosito. With God’s guidance I know I will teach Sofia what truly matters. I want her to know that whenever things get tough in her life she can always kneel before God and seek comfort with him. Of course I will always be here for her as well. God gave me the privilege to be her mother and I intend to take my role seriously. Today as we celebrate the blessing of my daughter coming into this world I’m filled with immense gratitude. I look forward to all you will learn and experience this year. Also, I hope that you will soon leave pacifiers behind.


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