Mommy Rants

Every night Sofia falls asleep in my arms and I put her in her crib. Then around 5AM she wakes up. I always bring her to my bed in an attempt to get one more hour of sleep. Although every morning I come to the same conclusion, that I might as well have gotten up at 5AM because I rarely get to go back to sleep. Sofia shoves her foot in my face and as soon as I move her over she already has her arm in my face. About fifteen minutes after trying to get her to give me some space she is trying to put her pacifier in my mouth. As if she’s trying to help me fall back to sleep. She starts off being sweet and suddenly she’s throwing the pacifier at my face and if that doesn’t work she’ll pull my hair. MA! MAAAAAAMA! -she screams in my ear. I should wake her up like that, see how she likes it. As annoying cute as it is I would lose that hour any day. The best part is when I finally get up and she opens up her arms for me to carry her. While I carry her to get her milk she rests her head on my shoulder. Someday soon I expect she’ll stop this routine, but for now it’s the best part of my day.


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